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This section tries to recognize the contributions of all the different people that participated directly or indirectly to the design and development of this library.

Sincere thanks to my parents for their support with my education and my studies in computer science.

Many thanks to Andrzej Krzemienski for reviewing early versions of this library providing valuable insights and exchanging early ideas on assertion requirements.

Many thanks to Vicente J. Botet Escriba for reviewing earlier versions of this library providing valuable insights and for suggesting to use a dedicated trait to copy old values.

Thanks to Steven Watanabe for providing valuable insights on C++, SFINAE, and introspection.

Thanks to Dave Abrahams for moderating the Boost review of this library.

Thanks to Daniel James for his help with incorporating this library files into the Boost Git repository.

Thanks to James E. King III for integrating this library with Boost's Continuous Integration (CI).

Thanks to David Maley for sharing source code form his inspiring work on emulating contract programming and subcontracting in C++ in [Maley99].

Many thanks to Thorsten Ottosen for his work on the [N1962] proposal (and its previous revisions) and for clarifying the proposal requirements directly with the library authors when needed.

Many thanks to Bertrand Meyer for his pioneering and thorough work on contract programming in [Meyer97].

Finally, many thanks to the entire Boost community and mailing list for providing valuable comments on this library and great insights on the C++ programming language.