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//  (C) Copyright John Maddock and Steve Cleary 2000.
//  Use, modification and distribution are subject to the Boost Software License,
//  Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
//  See for most recent version including documentation.


#include <boost/config.hpp>

// This header is deprecated and no longer used by type_traits:
#if defined(__GNUC__) || defined(_MSC_VER)
# pragma message("NOTE: Use of this header (ice_not.hpp) is deprecated")

namespace boost {
namespace type_traits {

template <bool b>
struct ice_not
    BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(bool, value = true);

template <>
struct ice_not<true>
    BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(bool, value = false);

} // namespace type_traits
} // namespace boost