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Function template runtime_pointer_cast

boost::typeindex::runtime_pointer_cast — Creates a new instance of std::shared_ptr whose stored pointer is obtained from u's stored pointer using a runtime_cast.


// In header: <boost/type_index/runtime_cast/boost_shared_ptr_cast.hpp>

template<typename T, typename U> 
  boost::shared_ptr< T > 
  runtime_pointer_cast(boost::shared_ptr< U > const & u);


The new shared_ptr will share ownership with u, except that it is empty if the runtime_cast performed by runtime_pointer_cast returns a null pointer.

Template Parameters:


The desired target type to return a pointer of.


A complete class type of the source instance pointed to from u.


If there exists a valid conversion from U* to T*, returns a boost::shared_ptr<T> that points to an address suitably offset from u. If no such conversion exists, returns boost::shared_ptr<T>();