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Class init_list<bool>

boost::unit_test::data::monomorphic::init_list<bool> — Specialization of init_list for type bool.


// In header: <boost/test/data/monomorphic/initializer_list.hpp>

class init_list<bool> {
  // types
  typedef bool               sample;  
  typedef non_proxy_iterator iterator;

  // member classes/structs/unions

  struct non_proxy_iterator {
    // construct/copy/destruct
    non_proxy_iterator(std::vector< bool >::const_iterator &&);

    // public member functions
    bool operator *() const;
    non_proxy_iterator & operator++();

    // public data members
    std::vector< bool >::const_iterator iterator;

  enum @5 { arity = = 1 };

  // construct/copy/destruct
  init_list(std::initializer_list< bool > &&);
  template<class ... Args> init_list(Args &&...);

  // public member functions
  data::size_t size() const;
  iterator begin() const;


init_list public construct/copy/destruct

  1. init_list(std::initializer_list< bool > && il);
    Constructor copies content of initializer_list.
  2. template<class ... Args> init_list(Args &&... args);
    Variadic template initialization.

init_list public member functions

  1. data::size_t size() const;
    dataset interface
  2. iterator begin() const;