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// (C) Copyright 2005 Matthias Troyer

// Use, modification and distribution is subject to the Boost Software
// License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

//  Authors: Matthias Troyer


#include <boost/config.hpp>
#include <boost/mpi/datatype.hpp>
#include <boost/serialization/array.hpp>

namespace boost { namespace mpi { namespace detail {

/// @brief a minimal output archive, which ignores any save
/// This class implements a minimal output archive, probably an output archive
/// archetype, doing nothing at any save. It's use, besides acting as an
/// archetype is as a base class to implement special archives that ignore
/// saving of most types

class ignore_oprimitive
    /// a trivial default constructor

        /// don't do anything when saving binary data
    void save_binary(const void *, std::size_t )

        /// don't do anything when saving arrays
    template<class T>
    void save_array(serialization::array_wrapper<T> const&, unsigned int )

    typedef is_mpi_datatype<mpl::_1> use_array_optimization;

    friend class archive::save_access;

        /// don't do anything when saving primitive types
    template<class T>
    void save(const T &)

} } } // end namespace boost::mpi::detail