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  Copyright 2006-2007 John Maddock.
  Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
  (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

[section:acknowledgements Acknowledgements]

The author can be contacted at john - at -; the home page for this 
library is at [@].

I am indebted to [@ 
Robert Sedgewick's "Algorithms in C++"] for forcing me to think 
about algorithms and their performance, and to the folks at boost for forcing me 
to think, period.

[@ Eric Niebler], author of Boost.Expressive and 
the [@ GRETA regular expression component], 
has shared several important ideas, in a series of long discussions.

Pete Becker, of [@ Roundhouse Consulting, Ltd.], 
has helped enormously with the standardisation 
proposal language.

The following people have all contributed useful comments or fixes: Dave Abrahams, 
Mike Allison, Edan Ayal, Jayashree Balasubramanian, Jan B'''ö'''lsche, Beman Dawes, 
Paul Baxter, David Bergman, David Dennerline, Edward Diener, Peter Dimov, 
Robert Dunn, Fabio Forno, Tobias Gabrielsson, Rob Gillen, Marc Gregoire, Chris Hecker, 
Nick Hodapp, Jesse Jones, Martin Jost, Boris Krasnovskiy, Jan Hermelink, Max Leung, 
Wei-hao Lin, Jens Maurer, Richard Peters, Heiko Schmidt, Jason Shirk, Gerald Slacik, 
Scobie Smith, Mike Smyth, Alexander Sokolovsky, Herv'''é''' Poirier, Michael Raykh, 
Marc Recht, Scott VanCamp, Bruno Voigt, Alexey Voinov, Jerry Waldorf, Rob Ward, 
Lealon Watts, John Wismar, Thomas Witt and Yuval Yosef. 

If I've missed your name off (I'm sure there are a few, just not who they are...) then 
please do get in touch.

I am also grateful to the manuals supplied with the Henry Spencer, PCRE, Perl 
and GNU regular expression libraries - wherever possible I have tried to 
maintain compatibility with these libraries and with the POSIX standard - 
the code however is entirely my own, including any bugs! I can absolutely guarantee 
that I will not fix any bugs I don't know about, so if you have any comments or 
spot any bugs, please get in touch.