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  Copyright 2006-2007 John Maddock.
  Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
  (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

[section:character_classes Character Class Names]

[section:std_char_classes Character Classes that are Always Supported]

The following character class names are always supported by Boost.Regex:

[[Name] 	[POSIX-standard name] 	[Description]]
[[alnum] 	[Yes] 	[Any alpha-numeric character.]]
[[alpha] 	[Yes] 	[Any alphabetic character.]]
[[blank] 	[Yes] 	[Any whitespace character that is not a line separator.]]
[[cntrl] 	[Yes] 	[Any control character.]]
[[d] 	      [No] 	[Any decimal digit]]
[[digit] 	[Yes] 	[Any decimal digit.]]
[[graph] 	[Yes] 	[Any graphical character.]]
[[l] 	      [No] 	[Any lower case character.]]
[[lower] 	[Yes] 	[Any lower case character.]]
[[print] 	[Yes] 	[Any printable character.]]
[[punct] 	[Yes] 	[Any punctuation character.]]
[[s] 	      [No] 	[Any whitespace character.]]
[[space] 	[Yes] 	[Any whitespace character.]]
[[unicode] 	[No] 	[Any extended character whose code point is above 255 in value.]]
[[u] 	      [No] 	[Any upper case character.]]
[[upper] 	[Yes] 	[Any upper case character.]]
[[w] 	      [No] 	[Any word character (alphanumeric characters plus the underscore).]]
[[word] 	   [No] 	[Any word character (alphanumeric characters plus the underscore).]]
[[xdigit] 	[Yes] 	[Any hexadecimal digit character.]]


[section:optional_char_class_names Character classes that are supported by Unicode Regular Expressions]

The following character classes are only supported by Unicode Regular Expressions: 
that is those that use the `u32regex` type.  The names used are the same as 
those from Chapter 4 of the Unicode standard.

[[Short Name] 	[Long Name]]
[[ ]	[ASCII]]
[[ ]	[Any]]
[[ ]	[Assigned]]
[[C*] 	[Other]]
[[Cc] 	[Control]]
[[Cf] 	[Format]]
[[Cn] 	[Not Assigned]]
[[Co] 	[Private Use]]
[[Cs] 	[Surrogate]]
[[L*] 	[Letter]]
[[Ll] 	[Lowercase Letter]]
[[Lm] 	[Modifier Letter]]
[[Lo] 	[Other Letter]]
[[Lt] 	[Titlecase]]
[[Lu] 	[Uppercase Letter]]
[[M*] 	[Mark]]
[[Mc] 	[Spacing Combining Mark]]
[[Me] 	[Enclosing Mark]]
[[Mn] 	[Non-Spacing Mark]]
[[N*] 	[Number]]
[[Nd] 	[Decimal Digit Number]]
[[Nl] 	[Letter Number]]
[[No] 	[Other Number]]
[[P*] 	[Punctuation]]
[[Pc] 	[Connector Punctuation]]
[[Pd] 	[Dash Punctuation]]
[[Pe] 	[Close Punctuation]]
[[Pf] 	[Final Punctuation]]
[[Pi] 	[Initial Punctuation]]
[[Po] 	[Other Punctuation]]
[[Ps] 	[Open Punctuation]]
[[S*] 	[Symbol]]
[[Sc] 	[Currency Symbol]]
[[Sk] 	[Modifier Symbol]]
[[Sm] 	[Math Symbol]]
[[So] 	[Other Symbol]]
[[Z*] 	[Separator]]
[[Zl] 	[Line Separator]]
[[Zp] 	[Paragraph Separator]]
[[Zs] 	[Space Separator]]