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[section:futher References and Further Information]

The main Perl regular expression tutorial can be found [@ here], 
there's a much shorter summary of the main features [@ here].

The main book on regular expressions is 
[@ Mastering Regular Expressions, published by O'Reilly].

Boost.Regex forms the basis for the regular expression chapter of the [tr1].

The [@ Open Unix Specification] 
contains a wealth of useful material, 
including the POSIX regular expression syntax.

The [@ Pattern Matching Pointers] 
site is a "must visit" resource for anyone interested in pattern matching.

[@ Glimpse and Agrep], use a simplified 
regular expression syntax to achieve faster search times.

[@ Udi Manber] 
and [@ Ricardo Baeza-Yates] both have a 
selection of useful pattern matching papers available from their respective web sites.