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// Copyright (C) 2008-2018 Lorenzo Caminiti
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0 (see accompanying
// file LICENSE_1_0.txt or a copy at
// See:

#include <boost/contract/core/exception.hpp>
#include <boost/contract/detail/noop.hpp>
#include <boost/preprocessor/stringize.hpp>

// In detail because used by both ASSERT and CHECK.
// Use ternary operator `?:` and no trailing `;` here to allow `if(...) ASSERT(
// ...); else ...` (won't compile if expands using an if statement instead even
// if wrapped by {}, and else won't compile if expands trailing `;`).
    /* no if-statement here */ \
    ((cond) ? \
    : \
        throw boost::contract::assertion_failure( \
                __FILE__, __LINE__, BOOST_PP_STRINGIZE(cond)) \
    ) /* no ; here */

#endif // #include guard