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BOOST_CONTRACT_PERMISSIVE — Disable some compile-time errors generated by this library (undefined by default).


// In header: <boost/contract/core/config.hpp>



Defining this macro disables a number of static checks and related compile-time errors generated by this library, for example:

  • The static invariant member function named as BOOST_CONTRACT_STATIC_INVARIANT_FUNC must be declared static.

  • Non-static invariant member functions named as BOOST_CONTRACT_INVARIANT_FUNC must be declared either const, const volatile, or volatile const.

  • Derived classes that program contracts for one or more public function overrides via boost::contract::public_function must also define the BOOST_CONTRACT_BASE_TYPES typedef.

In general, it is not recommended to define this macro because these compile-time checks can guard against misuses of this library.

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