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Function make_old

boost::contract::make_old — Make an old value pointer (for virtual public functions and public functions overrides).


// In header: <boost/contract/old.hpp>

old_pointer make_old(virtual_ * v, old_value const & old);


The related old value pointer will not be null if the specified old value was actually copied. This function is usually only called by code expanded by BOOST_CONTRACT_OLDOF(v, old_expr) as in:

boost::contract::make_old(v, boost::contract::copy_old(v) ? old_expr :

See Also:

No Macros



Old value which is usually implicitly constructed from the user old value expression to be copied (use the ternary operator ?: to completely avoid to evaluate the old value expression when boost::contract::copy_old(v) is false).


The trailing parameter of type boost::contract::virtual_* and default value 0 from the enclosing virtual or overriding public function declaring the contract.


Old value pointer (usually implicitly converted to either boost::contract::old_ptr or boost::contract::old_ptr_if_copyable in user code).