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Forward Sequence


A Forward Sequence is an MPL concept representing a compile-time sequence of elements. Sequence elements are types, and are accessible through Iterators. The begin and end metafunctions provide iterators delimiting the range of the sequence elements. A sequence guarantees that its elements are arranged in a definite, but possibly unspecified, order. Every MPL sequence is a Forward Sequence.


Expression requirements

For any Forward Sequence s the following expressions must be valid:

Expression Type Complexity
begin<s>::type Forward Iterator Amortized constant time
end<s>::type Forward Iterator Amortized constant time
size<s>::type Integral Constant Unspecified
empty<s>::type Boolean Integral Constant Constant time
front<s>::type Any type Amortized constant time

Expression semantics

Expression Semantics
begin<s>::type An iterator to the first element of the sequence; see begin.
end<s>::type A past-the-end iterator to the sequence; see end.
size<s>::type The size of the sequence; see size.
empty<s>::type A boolean Integral Constant c such that c::value == true if and only if the sequence is empty; see empty.
front<s>::type The first element in the sequence; see front.


For any Forward Sequence s the following invariants always hold:


See also

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