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Function set_level

boost::unit_test::results_reporter::set_level — Sets reporting level.


// In header: <boost/test/results_reporter.hpp>

void set_level(report_level l);


There are only four possible levels for results report:

  • confirmation report (boost::unit_test::CONFIRMATION_REPORT). This report level only produces short confirmation message about test module pass/fail status

  • short report (boost::unit_test::SHORT_REPORT). This report level produces short summary report for failed/passed assertions and test units.

  • detailed report (boost::unit_test::DETAILED_REPORT). This report level produces detailed report per test unit for passed/failed assertions and uncaught exceptions

  • no report (boost::unit_test::NO_REPORT). This report level produces no results report. This is used for test modules running as part of some kind of continues integration framework



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