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// (c) Copyright Raffi Enficiaud 2017.
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
// (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

// See for the library home page.
/// @file
/// @brief Defines an observer that monitors the init of the unit test framework
// ***************************************************************************


// Boost.Test
#include <boost/test/tree/observer.hpp>

#include <boost/test/detail/global_typedef.hpp>
#include <boost/test/detail/fwd_decl.hpp>

#include <boost/test/detail/suppress_warnings.hpp>


namespace boost {
namespace unit_test {

// ************************************************************************** //
/// @brief Monitors the init of the framework
/// This class collects the state of the init/termination of the unit test framework.
/// @see boost::unit_test::test_observer
class BOOST_TEST_DECL framework_init_observer_t : public test_observer {

    framework_init_observer_t(): m_has_failure( false ) {}

    void        test_start( counter_t, test_unit_id ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;

    void        assertion_result( unit_test::assertion_result ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void        exception_caught( execution_exception const& ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void        test_aborted() BOOST_OVERRIDE;

    int         priority() BOOST_OVERRIDE { return 0; }

    void                clear();

    /// Indicates if a failure has been recorded so far
    bool                has_failed( ) const;

    bool m_has_failure;

} // namespace unit_test
} // namespace boost

#include <boost/test/detail/enable_warnings.hpp>