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Chapter 2. Floating Point Utilities

Table of Contents

Rounding Truncation and Integer Conversion
Rounding Functions
Truncation Functions
Integer and Fractional Part Splitting (modf)
Floating-Point Classification: Infinities and NaNs
Sign Manipulation Functions
Facets for Floating-Point Infinities and NaNs
Design Rationale
Floating-Point Representation Distance (ULP), and Finding Adjacent Floating-Point Values
Finding the Next Representable Value in a Specific Direction (nextafter)
Finding the Next Greater Representable Value (float_next)
Finding the Next Smaller Representable Value (float_prior)
Calculating the Representation Distance Between Two floating-point Values (ULP) float_distance
Advancing a floating-point Value by a Specific Representation Distance (ULP) float_advance
Obtaining the Size of a Unit In the Last Place - ULP
Floating-point Comparison
Condition Numbers
ULPs Plots