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connection::async_start_query (2 of 2 overloads)

Starts a text query as a multi-function operation.

    class CompletionToken>
    string_view query_string,
    execution_state& st,
    diagnostics& diag,
    CompletionToken&& token);

Writes the query request and reads the initial server response and the column metadata, but not the generated rows, if any. After this operation completes, st will have execution_state::meta populated, and may become execution_state::complete if the operation did not generate any rows (e.g. it was an UPDATE). Metadata will be populated according to this->meta_mode().

If the operation generated any rows, these must be read (by using read_some_rows) before engaging in any further network operation. Otherwise, the results are undefined.

query_stringshould be encoded using the connection's character set.

Object lifetimes

If CompletionToken is a deferred completion token (e.g. use_awaitable), the string pointed to by query_string must be kept alive by the caller until the operation is initiated.

Handler signature

The handler signature for this operation is void(boost::mysql::error_code).