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boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size > Member List

This is the complete list of members for boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >, including all inherited members.

char_type typedefboost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >
decode(Iterator &p, Iterator e)boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static
decode_valid(Iterator &p)boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static
encode(code_point value, Iterator out)boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static
is_lead(char_type c)boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static
is_trail(char_type c)boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static
max_widthboost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static
trail_length(char_type c)boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static
width(code_point value)boost::nowide::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >static