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Class template insert_iterator<boost::container::slist< T, ValueAllocator >>

std::insert_iterator<boost::container::slist< T, ValueAllocator >>


// In header: <boost/container/slist.hpp>

template<typename T, typename ValueAllocator> 
class insert_iterator<boost::container::slist< T, ValueAllocator >> {
  // types
  typedef Container           container_type;   
  typedef output_iterator_tag iterator_category;
  typedef void                value_type;       
  typedef void                difference_type;  
  typedef void                pointer;          
  typedef void                reference;        

  // construct/copy/destruct
  insert_iterator(Container &, typename Container::iterator, bool = false);
  insert_iterator< Container > & 
  operator=(const typename Container::value_type &);

  // public member functions
  insert_iterator< Container > & operator*();
  insert_iterator< Container > & operator++();
  insert_iterator< Container > & operator++(int);


A specialization of insert_iterator that works with slist

insert_iterator public construct/copy/destruct

  1. insert_iterator(Container & x, typename Container::iterator i, 
                    bool is_previous = false);
  2. insert_iterator< Container > & 
    operator=(const typename Container::value_type & value);

insert_iterator public member functions

  1. insert_iterator< Container > & operator*();
  2. insert_iterator< Container > & operator++();
  3. insert_iterator< Container > & operator++(int);