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Set whether the PRNG is cryptographically secure.

    bool value);

This controls whether or not the source of pseudo-random numbers used to produce the masks required by the WebSocket protocol are of cryptographic quality. When the setting is true, a strong algorithm is used which cannot be guessed by observing outputs. When the setting is false, a much faster algorithm is used. Masking is only performed by streams operating in the client mode. For streams operating in the server mode, this setting has no effect. By default, newly constructed streams use a secure PRNG. If the WebSocket stream is used with an encrypted SSL or TLS next layer, if it is known to the application that intermediate proxies are not vulnerable to cache poisoning, or if the application is designed such that an attacker cannot send arbitrary inputs to the stream interface, then the faster algorithm may be used. For more information please consult the WebSocket protocol RFC.





true if the PRNG algorithm should be cryptographically secure.