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Class image2d

boost::compute::image2d — An OpenCL 2D image object.


// In header: <boost/compute/image/image2d.hpp>

class image2d : public boost::compute::image_object {
  // construct/copy/destruct
  image2d(const context &, size_t, size_t, const image_format &, 
          cl_mem_flags = read_write, void * = 0, size_t = 0);
  image2d(const image2d &);
  image2d(image2d &&) noexcept;
  image2d & operator=(const image2d &);
  image2d & operator=(image2d &&) noexcept;

  // public member functions
  extents< 2 > size() const;
  extents< 2 > origin() const;
  template<typename T> T get_info(cl_image_info) const;
  template<int Enum> unspecified get_info() const;
  image2d clone(command_queue &) const;

  // public static functions
  static std::vector< image_format > 
  get_supported_formats(const context &, cl_mem_flags = read_write);
  static bool is_supported_format(const image_format &, const context &, 
                                  cl_mem_flags = read_write);


For example, to create a 640x480 8-bit RGBA image:

See Also:

image_format, image3d

image2d public construct/copy/destruct

  1. image2d();
    Creates a null image2d object.
  2. image2d(const context & context, size_t image_width, size_t image_height, 
            const image_format & format, cl_mem_flags flags = read_write, 
            void * host_ptr = 0, size_t image_row_pitch = 0);

    Creates a new image2d object.

    See the documentation for

  3. image2d(const image2d & other);
    Creates a new image2d as a copy of other.
  4. image2d(image2d && other) noexcept;
    Move-constructs a new image object from other.
  5. image2d & operator=(const image2d & other);
    Copies the image2d from other.
  6. image2d & operator=(image2d && other) noexcept;
    Move-assigns the image from other to *this.
  7. ~image2d();
    Destroys the image2d object.

image2d public member functions

  1. extents< 2 > size() const;
    Returns the size (width, height) of the image.
  2. extents< 2 > origin() const;
    Returns the origin of the image (0, 0).
  3. template<typename T> T get_info(cl_image_info info) const;

    Returns information about the image.

    See the documentation for

  4. template<int Enum> unspecified get_info() const;
    This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.
  5. image2d clone(command_queue & queue) const;

    Creates a new image with a copy of the data in *this. Uses queue to perform the copy operation.

image2d public static functions

  1. static std::vector< image_format > 
    get_supported_formats(const context & context, 
                          cl_mem_flags flags = read_write);

    Returns the supported image formats for the context.

    See the documentation for

  2. static bool is_supported_format(const image_format & format, 
                                    const context & context, 
                                    cl_mem_flags flags = read_write);

    Returns true if format is a supported 2D image format for context.