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Boost.Flyweight Holders reference


Holders and holder specifiers

Given a type C, a type Holder is said to be a holder of C if the expression Holder::get() returns a reference to a default initialized C object unique to Holder. No invocation of Holder::get(), except possibly the first one in the program, does throw. flyweight privately uses a holder to instantiate a factory and some additional data (like a mutex for internal synchronization) unique to each instantiation type of the class template.

A type S is a holder specifier if:

  1. One of the following conditions is satisfied:
    1. is_holder<S>::type is boost::mpl::true_,
    2. S is of the form holder<S'>.
  2. S, or S' if (b) applies, is an MPL Lambda Expression such that invoking it with type C resolves to a holder of C.

Header "boost/flyweight/holder_tag.hpp" synopsis

namespace boost{

namespace flyweights{

struct holder_marker;

template<typename T>
struct is_holder;

template<typename T>
struct holder;

} // namespace boost::flyweights

} // namespace boost

Class template is_holder

Unless specialized by the user, is_holder<T>::type is boost::mpl::true_ if T is derived from holder_marker, and it is boost::mpl::false_ otherwise.

Class template holder

holder<T> is a syntactic construct meant to indicate that T is a holder specifier without resorting to the mechanisms provided by the is_holder class template.

Header "boost/flyweight/static_holder_fwd.hpp" synopsis

namespace boost{

namespace flyweights{

template<typename C>
struct static_holder_class;

struct static_holder;

} // namespace boost::flyweights

} // namespace boost

static_holder_fwd.hpp forward declares static_holder_class and static_holder.

Header "boost/flyweight/static_holder.hpp" synopsis

Class template static_holder_class

static_holder_class<C> keeps its unique instance of C as a local static object.

Class static_holder

Holder Specifier for static_holder_class.

Header "boost/flyweight/intermodule_holder_fwd.hpp" synopsis

namespace boost{

namespace flyweights{

template<typename C>
struct intermodule_holder_class;

struct intermodule_holder;

} // namespace boost::flyweights

} // namespace boost

intermodule_holder_fwd.hpp forward declares intermodule_holder_class and intermodule_holder.

Header "boost/flyweight/intermodule_holder.hpp" synopsis

Class template intermodule_holder_class

intermodule_holder_class<C> maintains a C instance which is unique even across different dynamically linked modules of the program using this same type. In general, this guarantee is not provided by static_holder_class, as most C++ implementations are not able to merge duplicates of static variables stored in different dynamic modules of a program.

Class intermodule_holder

Holder Specifier for intermodule_holder_class.

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