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Function test_all

boost::mpi::test_all — Tests whether all non-blocking requests have completed.


// In header: <boost/mpi/nonblocking.hpp>

template<typename ForwardIterator, typename OutputIterator> 
  optional< OutputIterator > 
  test_all(ForwardIterator first, ForwardIterator last, OutputIterator out);
template<typename ForwardIterator> 
  bool test_all(ForwardIterator first, ForwardIterator last);


This routine takes in a set of requests stored in the iterator range [first,last) and determines whether all of these requests have been completed. However, due to limitations of the underlying MPI implementation, if any of the requests refers to a non-blocking send or receive of a serialized data type, test_all will always return the equivalent of false (i.e., the requests cannot all be finished at this time). This routine performs the same functionality as wait_all, except that this routine will not block. This routine provides functionality equivalent to MPI_Testall.



The iterator that denotes the beginning of the sequence of request objects.


The iterator that denotes the end of the sequence of request objects.


If provided and all requests hav been completed, an output iterator through which the status of each request will be emitted. The status objects are emitted in the same order as the requests are retrieved from [first,last).


If an out parameter was provided, the value out after all of the status objects have been emitted (if all requests were completed) or an empty optional<>. If no out parameter was provided, returns true if all requests have completed or false otherwise.