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BOOST_CONTRACT_NO_ALL — Automatically defined by this library when contracts are not checked at all (neither for specifications nor for implementations).


// In header: <boost/contract/core/config.hpp>



This macro is not a configuration macro and this library will generate a compile-time error if users try to define it directly. This library will automatically define this macro when users define all BOOST_CONTRACT_NO_INVARIANTS, BOOST_CONTRACT_NO_PRECONDITIONS, BOOST_CONTRACT_NO_POSTCONDITIONS, BOOST_CONTRACT_NO_EXCEPTS, and BOOST_CONTRACT_NO_CHECKS. For example, users can manually program #ifndef statements in their code using this macro to avoid including the boost/contract.hpp header all together:

#include <boost/contract/core/config.hpp>
    #include <boost/contract.hpp>

Or, use the boost/contract_macro.hpp header and related macros instead (because the boost/contract_macro.hpp header is already optimized to not include other headers from this library when contracts are not checked, but recommended only for applications where it is truly necessary to completely remove contract code compilation from production code).

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