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R*-tree creation algorithm parameters.


#include <boost/geometry/index/parameters.hpp>

template<size_t MaxElements,
         size_t MinElements = default,
         size_t ReinsertedElements = default,
         size_t OverlapCostThreshold = 32>
struct rstar
  // ...
Template parameter(s)



size_t MaxElements

Maximum number of elements in nodes.

size_t MinElements

Minimum number of elements in nodes. Default: 0.3*Max.

size_t ReinsertedElements

The number of elements reinserted by forced reinsertions algorithm. If 0 forced reinsertions are disabled. Maximum value is Max+1-Min. Greater values are truncated. Default: 0.3*Max.

size_t OverlapCostThreshold

The number of most suitable leafs taken into account while choosing the leaf node to which currently inserted value will be added. If value is in range (0, MaxElements) - the algorithm calculates nearly minimum overlap cost, otherwise all leafs are analyzed and true minimum overlap cost is calculated. Default: 32.