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Parallel BGL Concept Distributed Edge List Graph



A Distributed Edge List Graph is a graph whose vertices are distributed across multiple processes or address spaces. The vertices and num_vertices functions retain the same signatures as in the Edge List Graph concept, but return only the local set (and size of the local set) of vertices.


A type that models the Distributed Edge List Graph concept.
An object of type G.

Refinement of

Associated types

Edge descriptor type graph_traits<G>::edge_descriptor Must model the Global Descriptor concept.
Edge iterator type graph_traits<G>::edge_iterator Iterates over edges stored locally. The value type must be edge_descriptor.
Edges size type graph_traits<G>::edges_size_type The unsigned integral type used to store the number of edges in the local subgraph.

Valid Expressions

Name Expression Type Semantics
Local edge set edges(g) std::pair< edge_iterator, edge_iterator> Returns an iterator range providing access to the local edges in the graph.
Number of local edges. num_edges(g) edges_size_type Returns the number of edges stored locally in the graph.


Copyright (C) 2005 The Trustees of Indiana University.

Authors: Douglas Gregor and Andrew Lumsdaine