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connection::async_connect (2 of 2 overloads)

Establishes a connection to a MySQL server.

    typename EndpointType,
    class CompletionToken>
    const EndpointType& endpoint,
    const handshake_params& params,
    diagnostics& diag,
    CompletionToken&& token);

This function is only available if Stream satisfies the SocketStream concept.

Connects the underlying stream and performs the handshake with the server. The underlying stream is closed in case of error. Prefer this function to connection::handshake.

If using a SSL-capable stream, the SSL handshake will be performed by this function.

endpointshould be convertible to Stream::lowest_layer_type::endpoint_type.

Object lifetimes

The strings pointed to by params should be kept alive by the caller until the operation completes, as no copy is made by the library. endpoint is copied as required and doesn't need to be kept alive.

Handler signature

The handler signature for this operation is void(boost::mysql::error_code).