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Detailed Semantics - std::hash Specializations


namespace std {

template <typename T>
struct hash<boost::optional<T> > ;

template <typename T>
struct hash<boost::optional<T&> > ;

} // namespace std

The specialization hash<optional<T>> is enabled if and only if hash<remove_­const_­t<T>> is enabled. When enabled, for an object o of type optional<T>, if o.has_­value() == true, then hash<optional<T>>()(o) evaluates to the same value as hash<remove_­const_­t<T>>()(*o); otherwise it evaluates to an unspecified value. The member functions are not guaranteed to be noexcept.

[Caution] Caution

You may get compiler errors when your program provides specializations for std::hash<boost::optional<T>>. If this happens, define macro BOOST_OPTIONAL_CONFIG_DO_NOT_SPECIALIZE_STD_HASH to suppress the specializations of std::hash in this library.