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Custom Terminals

Custom Terminals are used in Phoenix to handle special values transparently. For example, as Phoenix captures everything by value, we needed to use boost::reference_wrapper to bring reference semantics into Phoenix.

Custom terminals could be any wrapper class:

template <typename T>
struct is_custom_terminal;

needs to be specialized in order for Phoenix to recognize this wrapper type. default_action calls custom_terminal<T>.


// Call out boost::reference_wrapper for special handling
template<typename T>
struct is_custom_terminal<boost::reference_wrapper<T> >
  : mpl::true_

// Special handling for boost::reference_wrapper
template<typename T>
struct custom_terminal<boost::reference_wrapper<T> >
    typedef T &result_type;

    template <typename Context>
    T &operator()(boost::reference_wrapper<T> r, Context &) const
        return r;