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Safe Numerics



This library would never have been created without inspiration, collaboration and constructive criticism from multiple sources.

David LeBlanc

This library is inspired by David LeBlanc's SafeInt Library . I found this library very well done in every way and useful in my embedded systems work. This motivated me to take it to the "next level".

Andrzej Krzemienski

Andrzej Commented and reviewed the library as it was originally posted on the Boost Library Incubator. The consequent back and forth motivated me to invest more effort in developing documentation and examples to justify the utility, indeed the necessity, for this library. He also noted many errors in code, documentation, and tests. Without his interest and effort, I do not believe the library would have progressed beyond its initial stages.


As always, the Boost Developer's mailing list has been the source of many useful observations from potential users and constructive criticism from very knowledgeable developers. During the Boost formal review, reviews and comments were posted by the following persons:

  • Paul A. Bristow

  • Steven Watanabe

  • John Maddock

  • Antony Polukhin

  • Barrett Adair

  • Vicente J. Botet Escriba

  • John McFarlane

  • Peter Dimov