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Alexander Nasonov is the original library author.

Lorenzo Caminiti added variadic macro support, capture of the object this_, empty captures using void, and BOOST_SCOPE_EXIT_ALL.

Thanks to the following people (in chronological order):

Maxim Yegorushkin for sharing code where he used a local struct to clean up resources;

Andrei Alexandrescu for pointing out the scope(exit) construct of the D programming language;

Pavel Vozenilek and Maxim Yanchenko for reviews of early drafts of the library;

Steven Watanabe for his valuable ideas;

Jody Hagins for good comments that helped to significantly improve the documentation;

Richard Webb for testing the library on MSVC compiler;

Adam Butcher for a workaround to error C2355 when deducing the type of this on some MSVC versions.