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The Spirit repository is the result of the contributions of active members of the Spirit community. We would like to express our thanks to all who directly contributed and to everybody directly or indirectly involved in the discussions, which led to the creation of the parser and generator components.

The following people have directly contributed code to this repository:

Aaron Graham wrote the advance parser component, which allows the parser to skip (advance) through a specified number of iterations without performing unnecessary work.

Chris Hoeppler submitted the confix parser directive allowing to embed a parser (the subject) inside an opening (the prefix) and a closing sequence (the suffix).

Francois Barel contributed the subrule parser and subrule generator components, allowing to create a named parser or generator, and to refer to it by name. These components are in fact fully static versions of the corresponding rule component.

Thomas Bernard contributed the keyword_list and kwd()[] parser components, allowing to define keyword parsers.