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Function set_debugger

boost::debug::set_debugger — Specifies which debugger to use when attaching and optionally what routine to use to start that debugger.


// In header: <boost/test/debug.hpp>

std::string set_debugger(unit_test::const_string dbg_id, 
                         dbg_starter s = dbg_starter());


There are many different debuggers available for different platforms. Some of them also can be used in a different setups/configuratins. For example, gdb can be used in plain text mode, inside ddd, inside (x)emacs or in a separate xterm window. Boost.Test identifies each configuration with unique string. Also different debuggers configurations require different routines which is specifically tailored to start that debugger configuration. Boost.Test comes with set of predefined configuration names and corresponding routines for these configurations:

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You can use this routine to select which one of the predefined debugger configurations to use in which case you do not need to provide starter routine (the one provided by Boost.Test will be used). You can also use this routine to select your own debugger by providing unique configuration id and starter routine for this configuration.



Unique id for debugger configuration (for example, gdb)


Optional starter routine for selected configuration (use only you want to define your own configuration)


Id of previously selected debugger configuration