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Step 1: Build the AutoIndex tool

[Note] Note

This step is strictly optional, but very desirable to speed up build times.

cd into tools/auto_index/build and invoke bjam as:

bjam release

Optionally pass the name of the compiler toolset you want to use to bjam as well:

bjam release gcc

This will build the tool and place a copy in the current directory (which is to say tools/auto_index/build)

Now open up your user-config.jam file and at the end of the file add the line:

using auto-index : full-path-to-boost-tree/tools/auto_index/build/auto-index.exe ;
[Note] Note

This declaration must go towards the end of user-config.jam, or in any case after the Boostbook initialisation.

Also note that Windows users must use forward slashes in the paths in user-config.jam