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Step 6: Using XML processing instructions to control what gets indexed.

Sometimes when you need to exclude certain sections of text from indexing, then you can achieve this with the following XML processing instructions:



<?BoostAutoIndex IgnoreSection?>

Causes the whole of the current section to be excluded from indexing. By "section" we mean either a true "section" or any sibling XML element: "dedication", "toc", "lot", "glossary", "bibliography", "preface", "chapter", "reference", "part", "article", "appendix", "index", "setindex", "colophon", "sect1", "refentry", "simplesect", "section" or "partintro".

<?BoostAutoIndex IgnoreBlock?>

Causes the whole of the current text block to be excluded from indexing. A text block may be any of the section/chapter elements listed above, or a paragraph, code listing, table etc. The complete list is: "calloutlist", "glosslist", "bibliolist", "itemizedlist", "orderedlist", "segmentedlist", "simplelist", "variablelist", "caution", "important", "note", "tip", "warning", "literallayout", "programlisting", "programlistingco", "screen", "screenco", "screenshot", "synopsis", "cmdsynopsis", "funcsynopsis", "classsynopsis", "fieldsynopsis", "constructorsynopsis", "destructorsynopsis", "methodsynopsis", "formalpara", "para", "simpara", "address", "blockquote", "graphic", "graphicco", "mediaobject", "mediaobjectco", "informalequation", "informalexample", "informalfigure", "informaltable", "equation", "example", "figure", "table", "msgset", "procedure", "sidebar", "qandaset", "task", "productionset", "constraintdef", "anchor", "bridgehead", "remark", "highlights", "abstract", "authorblurb" or "epigraph".

For Quickbook users the file auto_index_helpers.qbk contains a helper template that assists in inserting these processing instructions, for example:

[AutoIndex IgnoreSection]

Will cause that section to not be indexed.