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Thomas Witt in 2002 produced a prototype called cyclic buffer.

The circular_buffer has a short history. Its first version was a std::deque adaptor. This container was not very effective because of many reallocations when inserting/removing an element. Thomas Wenish did a review of this version and motivated me to create a circular buffer which allocates memory at once when created.

The second version adapted std::vector but it has been abandoned soon because of limited control over iterator invalidation. The current version is a full-fledged STL compliant container.

Pavel Vozenilek did a thorough review of this version and came with many good ideas and improvements.

The idea of the space optimized circular buffer has been introduced by Pavel Vozenilek.

Also, I would like to thank Howard Hinnant, Nigel Stewart and everyone who participated at the formal review for valuable comments and ideas.

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