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This is the documentation for a snapshot of the develop branch, built from commit 14605f94d1.

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Boost 1.49.0

Refined implementation, testing, and documentation. Some interfaces were tweaked.

Boost 1.30.2 (estimated)

Released an example program.

Boost 1.22.0

First public release.


For giving advice on compiler/C++ compliance, implementation, interface, algorithms, and bug reports:


Michael Barr

Wrote CRC Implementation Code in C, a less-confusing guide to implementing CRC algorithms. (Originally published as Slow and Steady Never Lost the Race in the January 2000 issue of Embedded Systems Programming, pages 37–46. The web version used to be known as Easier Said Than Done.)

Daryle Walker

Started the library and contributed the theoretical and optimal CRC computation class templates and the CRC computing function template. Contributed the test and example code.

Ross N. Williams

Wrote A Painless Guide to CRC Error Detection Algorithms, a definitive source of CRC information.