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This is the documentation for a snapshot of the develop branch, built from commit 34a130a3b9.

Supported String Types

Wide String
Custom String Types

BOOST_TEST(L"11111110" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::bin)).value());
BOOST_TEST(     L"254" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::dec)).value());
BOOST_TEST(      L"FE" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::hex)).value());
BOOST_TEST(     L"376" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::oct)).value());

BOOST_TEST(-1 == convert<int>(L" 12", cnv(arg::skipws = false)).value_or(-1));
BOOST_TEST(12 == convert<int>(L" 12", cnv(arg::skipws =  true)).value_or(-1));