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Iterator Concepts

Author: David Abrahams, Jeremy Siek, Thomas Witt
Organization: Boost Consulting, Indiana University Open Systems Lab, Zephyr Associates, Inc.
Date: 2006-09-11
Copyright: Copyright David Abrahams, Jeremy Siek, and Thomas Witt 2004.
abstract:The iterator concept checking classes provide a mechanism for a template to report better error messages when a user instantiates the template with a type that does not meet the requirements of the template.

For an introduction to using concept checking classes, see the documentation for the boost::concept_check library.


iterator_concepts.hpp Synopsis

namespace boost_concepts {

    // Iterator Access Concepts

    template <typename Iterator>
    class ReadableIteratorConcept;

    template <
        typename Iterator
      , typename ValueType = std::iterator_traits<Iterator>::value_type
    class WritableIteratorConcept;

    template <typename Iterator>
    class SwappableIteratorConcept;

    template <typename Iterator>
    class LvalueIteratorConcept;

    // Iterator Traversal Concepts

    template <typename Iterator>
    class IncrementableIteratorConcept;

    template <typename Iterator>
    class SinglePassIteratorConcept;

    template <typename Iterator>
    class ForwardTraversalConcept;

    template <typename Iterator>
    class BidirectionalTraversalConcept;

    template <typename Iterator>
    class RandomAccessTraversalConcept;

    // Interoperability

    template <typename Iterator, typename ConstIterator>
    class InteroperableIteratorConcept;