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This is the documentation for a snapshot of the develop branch, built from commit 9d2f7e6081.
connection::read_some_rows (2 of 4 overloads)

Reads a batch of rows.

    execution_state& st);

The number of rows that will be read is unspecified. If the operation represented by st has still rows to read, at least one will be read. If there are no more rows, or st.should_read_rows() == false, returns an empty rows_view.

The number of rows that will be read depends on the input buffer size. The bigger the buffer, the greater the batch size (up to a maximum). You can set the initial buffer size in the constructor. The buffer may be grown bigger by other read operations, if required.

The returned view points into memory owned by *this. It will be valid until *this performs the next network operation or is destroyed.