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This is the documentation for a snapshot of the develop branch, built from commit 26d7d9b59f.


Nowide 11.0.0 (Boost 1.74)

  • Require C++11 compatible compiler and stdlib
  • LFS: Add support for files > 2 GB where the underlying system supports it
  • Generic UTF conversion functions are now available in the boost::nowide::utf namespace
  • Add support for stat with UTF-8 paths

Nowide 10.0.2

  • boost::nowide::cin now ignores CR (\r) characters and treats CTRL+Z at the beginning of a line as EOF (matching std::cin behavior)
  • boost::nowide::cin supports sync by flushing the input and console buffer

Nowide 10.0.1 (Boost 1.73)

  • IMPORTANT: C++03 support is deprecated and will be removed in the next Boost release
  • Fix -Wctor-dtor-privacy warning in trait

Nowide 10.0.0

  • Initial Release