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This is the documentation for a snapshot of the develop branch, built from commit 14605f94d1.


  1. Hartmut Kaiser implemented the original lazy casts and constructors based on his original work on Spirit SE "semantic expressions" (the precursor to Phoenix), and guided Phoenix from the initial review of V2 to the release of V3.
  2. Eric Niebler did a 2.0 pre-release review and wrote some range related code that Phoenix stole and used in the algorithms. Additionally he played the leading role in inventing the extension mechanism as well as providing early prototypes and helping with Boost.Proto code. DA Proto MAN!
  3. Angus Leeming implemented the container functions on Phoenix-1 which I then ported to Phoenix-2.
  4. Daniel Wallin helped with the scope module, local variables, let and lambda and the algorithms. I frequently discuss design issues with Daniel on Yahoo Messenger.
  5. Jaakko Jarvi. DA Lambda MAN!
  6. Dave Abrahams, for his constant presence, wherever, whenever.
  7. Aleksey Gurtovoy, DA MPL MAN!
  8. Doug Gregor, always a source of inspiration.
  9. Dan Marsden, did almost all the work in bringing Phoenix-2 out the door.
  10. Thorsten Ottosen; Eric's range_ex code began life as "container_algo" in the old boost sandbox, by Thorsten in 2002-2003.
  11. Jeremy Siek, even prior to Thorsten, in 2001, started the "container_algo".
  12. Vladimir Prus wrote the mutating algorithms code from the Boost Wiki.
  13. Daryle Walker did a 2.0 pre-release review.