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This is the documentation for a snapshot of the develop branch, built from commit a7bd5b9d59.

Installation and compatibility

Supported compilers and platforms
Configuring and building the library

The library should build and work with a reasonably compliant C++03 compiler. The library was successfully built and tested on the following platforms:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. MSVC 8.0 SP1, MSVC 9.0 and newer.
  • Linux. GCC 4.5 and newer. Older versions may work too, but it was not tested.
  • Linux. Intel C++ Build 20130121.
  • Linux. Clang 3.2.

The following compilers/platforms are not supported and will likely fail to compile the library:

  • C++11 compilers with non-C++11 standard libraries (like Clang with libstdc++ from GCC 4.2). Please, use a C++11 standard library in C++11 mode.
  • MSVC 8.0 (without SP1) and older.
  • GCC 4.0 and older.
  • Borland C++ 5.5.1 (free version). Newer versions might or might not work.
  • Windows 9x, ME, NT4 and older are not supported.

Boost.Sync should be compatible with all hardware architectures supported by Boost. However, in case of 32 bit x86 architecture the library requires at least i586 class CPU to run.