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basic_stream_socket::write_some (1 of 2 overloads)

Write some data to the socket.

    typename ConstBufferSequence>
std::size_t write_some(
    const ConstBufferSequence & buffers);

This function is used to write data to the stream socket. The function call will block until one or more bytes of the data has been written successfully, or until an error occurs.



One or more data buffers to be written to the socket.

Return Value

The number of bytes written.



Thrown on failure. An error code of boost::asio::error::eof indicates that the connection was closed by the peer.


The write_some operation may not transmit all of the data to the peer. Consider using the write function if you need to ensure that all data is written before the blocking operation completes.


To write a single data buffer use the buffer function as follows:

socket.write_some(boost::asio::buffer(data, size));

See the buffer documentation for information on writing multiple buffers in one go, and how to use it with arrays, boost::array or std::vector.