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Boost Jam 3.1.18

Boost Jam 3.1.18

March 22nd, 2010 12:00 GMT

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After years of bjam developments.. This is going to be the last unbundled release of the 3.1.x series. From this point forward bjam will only be bundled as part of the larger Boost Build system. And hence will likely change name at some point. As a side effect of this move people will get more frequent release of bjam (or whatever it ends up being called).

  • New built-ins, MD5, SPLIT_BY_CHARACTERS, PRECIOUS, PAD, FILE_OPEN, and UPDATE_NOW. -- Vladimir P.
  • Ensure all file descriptors are closed when executing actions complete on *nix. -- Noel B.
  • Fix warnings, patch from Mateusz Loskot. -- Vladimir P.
  • Add KEEP_GOING var to programatically override the '-q' option. -- Vladimir P.
  • Add more parameters, up to 19 from 9, to rule invocations. Patch from Jonathan Biggar. -- Vladimir P.
  • Print failed command output even if the normally quite '-d0' option. -- Vladimir P.
  • Build of bjam with vc10, aka Visual Studio 2010. -- Vladimir P.
  • More macros for detection of OSPLAT, patch from John W. Bito. -- Vladimir P.
  • Add PARALLELISM var to programatically override the '-j' option. -- Vladimir P.
  • Tweak doc building to allow for PDF generation of docs. -- John M.