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In Progress Releases

Note: The release notes on this page are for releases still under development. Please don't use this page as a source of information, it's here for development purposes only. Everything is subject to change.

Version 1.78.0

In Progress

New Libraries

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Updated Libraries

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  • Multi-index Containers:
    • Added contains to key-based indices (issue #35).
    • Added merge operations to key-based indices. The functionality goes beyond the standard specification for (unordered) associative containers in a number of ways, most notably:
      • The source index can be of any type, including non key-based indices.
      • Partial merge is provided: for instance, x.merge(y,first,last) merges only the elements of y within [first,last).
    • Previous versions of splice for sequenced and random access indices were destructive, i.e. elements were copy-inserted into the destination and then erased from the source. Now, splice is based on node transfer much as merge in key-based indices, and has been similarly extended to accept source indices of any type: in fact, splice can be regarded as a frontend to the same functionality provided by merge in key-based indices. For reasons of backwards compatibility, the destructive behavior of splice has been retained in the case that the source and destination containers have unequal allocators.
    • The fact has been documented that index iterator types do only depend on node_type and the position of the index in its multi_index_container, (except for hashed indices, where uniqueness/non-uniqueness is also a dependency). This has implications on the validity of iterators to elements transferred by merge or splice. This property is a variant of what has been called SCARY iterators in the C++ standard mailing lists. SCARYness is currently (August 2021) not mandated for standard containers.
    • Iterator SCARYness is now also preserved in safe mode.

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