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Old Versions

Old Versions

December 14th, 1999 12:00 GMT

14 Dec 1999

Operators.hpp documentation improved.

13 Dec 1999

Added iterator operators and helpers to header operators.hpp, together with an iterator test program. This header is maturing into something really useful for building arithmetic or iterator user-defined types, so look it over even if you browsed one of the earlier versions.

11 Dec 1999

Added next() and prior() to header utility.hpp.

8 Dec 1999

Minor improvements to the smart pointer library: operator ==, operator !=, and specializations for std::swap and std::less now provided.

18 Nov 1999

Minor improvements made to the Operator templates.

15 Nov 1999

Operator templates have been added to the utility library.

11 Oct 1999

Minor smart pointer library and config.hpp changes to improve portability.

26 Sep 1999

Minor updates to several libraries: * polymorphic_downcast<> in the utility library cast.hpp header now works for multiple inheritance cases. * shared_ptr<> and shared_array<> swap() functions added in the smart pointer library. * timer.hpp elapsed_max() and elapsed_min() functions added to the timer library. * integer library bin_ubin.hpp changes to eliminate compiler warning messages. * config.hpp minor changes to aid library developers. No impact on library users.

3 Sep 1999

The cast functions in the utility library were considerably simplified.

1 Sep 1999

The cast functions initially in utility.hpp have been moved to cast.hpp, still in the utility library.

1 Sep 1999

The category "Experimental" has been added to the library page. The integer library is the first entry.

...And the remainder are lost to the mists of time (for now, anyway)....