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Version 1.34.1

Version 1.34.1

July 24th, 2007 12:00 GMT



This is a bug fix release addressing many problems with the 1.34.0 release. It is a recommended upgrade for all users of Boost 1.34.0. For a complete list of fixes see Boost Trac.

Supported Compilers

New in this release is improved support for the IBM XL C/C++ compiler.

Boost is tested on a wide range of compilers and platforms. Since Boost libraries rely on modern C++ features not available in all compilers, not all Boost libraries will work with every compiler. New in this release The following compilers and platforms have been extensively tested with Boost, although many other compilers and platforms will work as well. For more information, see the regression test results.


Thomas Witt managed this release.

A great number of people contributed their time and expertise to make this release possible. Special thanks go to Kim Barrett consolidating Boost.Iostreams changes from various branches and Rene Rivera for general build and installation support.