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A Special Note for Boost 1.52.0 and Higher

A Special Note for Boost 1.52.0 and Higher

November 6th, 2012 09:27 GMT

Starting with Boost 1.52.0, the boost::result_of component defaults to an implementation that uses the C++11 decltype keyword to deduce the return type of callables on compilers with strong decltype support. As boost::result_of is a key piece of library infrastructure, we at Boost have found this change to be moderately disruptive. You should be aware of the issue when making the decision to upgrade from an older version of Boost.

Why the Change Was Made

boost::result_of has been changed to use decltype to make it more consistent with std::result_of (when sufficient compiler support is available). Also, the use of decltype should help to improve compile times and increase the accuracy of the type computation.

Who is Affected

If you use a compiler with sufficiently bug-free decltype support (including N3276), then you will get the new behavior. At the time of writing (Nov 4, 2012), the only compiler in that category is Clang 3.1, but as other compilers improve, this will change.

What Problems Can the Change Cause?

The use of decltype in result_of can result in a different type being computed than with the now-obsolete TR1 result_of protocol. This will often be the case for incorrectly written TR1-style function objects that misreport their result types. This is unfortunately too common. But it can even happen for some correctly written function objects.

Where Can I Learn More?

Please see the documentation for boost::result_of to understand the differences between TR1 result_of and decltype result_of, and to find out how you can write your code to accommodate both.