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Fernando Cacciola

- Fernando Cacciola has been programming since 1984 when he got his hand on a Tandy Color Computer II for the first time. He started with BASIC at the time, but quickly moved to Assembly Language to get the most out of the Home Computers of the time (from a Sinclair 1500 [Z80] to a Commodore 64 [Motorola 6510]).

In 1990 he discovered the C programming language and started to work as a professional programmer. In 1995 he discovered C++, and during his long time employement in a company producing CAD systems, the fields of Geometric Computing, Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Numerics in general.

He studied Biochemistry at the John F. Kennedy (Argentina) University for 4+ years, but had to drop because of his full-time job as a programmer. He would complete a CS degree if he only had the time.

After 13 years of being an employed programmer (in just a couple of companies), by the end of 2003, he became a freelancer and founded SciSoft, a company specialized in technically/scientifically-oriented software.

Currently he is an active developer of the Computational Geometry Algotithms Library (CGAL) and a member of the IEEE Computer Society, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the ACCU community.

You are always welcome to visit Fernando's home page.