Boost C++ Libraries of the most highly regarded and expertly designed C++ library projects in the world. Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards

Shrink Wrapped Boost

Boost has found it's way into many products that are available "off the shelf", including consumer applications from Adobe, through to business middleware from SAP.

Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2 uses the Adobe Software Libraries, which in turn depend upon large parts of Boost. The Adobe Software Libraries are being rolled out across the Adobe product line to provide cross platform user interface logic.

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign offers best of breed page design: Indesign and it's asociated SDK depend upon Boost Boost.Regex, Boost.Functional and others.

SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver is the technical foundation of mySAP Business Suite solutions, SAP xApps composite applications, partner solutions, and customer custom-built applications. Boost.Regex provides the regular expression implementation for SAP's ABAP language.

Real Networks, Rhapsody

The Rhapsody Music Service allows its subscribers to legally download/transfer/burn over a million songs. The Rhapsody client software was built with many Boost libraries:

Boost.Format: Boost.Format is top notch. Using it is a bliss.

Boost.Functional, Boost.Function, and Boost.Bind: These three libraries, along with Boost.SmartPointers are the most used in our application. I could not imagine not having them handy.

Boost.SmartPointers: Hands down, the most useful, and used library of the lot!

Boost.DateTime: Simple to use, effective, does the job. I love the flexible input string parsing facilities, and the human readable ISO output.

Boost.Iterator: Wow. Moving legacy iterating interfaces, or interfaces that should of been properly designed as iterators to STL compliant iterators was easy and painless. The gains in functionality to our code made by this library are invaluable.

Boost.Regex: When you need it, it works magic.

Boost.Thread: Used to implement the monitor pattern in key areas.

Boost.Preprocessor: Used to implement repetitive unit-test code generation. The codebase benefited greatly from the clarity Boost.Preprocessor brought.

Skyjuice Software, Quick File Rename

Skyjuice Software Quick File Rename is a unicode batch file and folder renamer which allows photo collectors and audiophiles to rename thousands of files and folders in seconds. Users can tag audio files, extract meta data information for photos, and perform other batch rename operations to allow better categorisation of files and folders in Windows Explorer. Complex rename operations can be combined into a single step using a rules system. A command line mode is also supported. Parts of boost used: All regular expressions used in Quick File Rename are parsed by Boost.Regex. This provided us with tremendous power for the text manipulation that is used frequently in both in the GUI and console modes.

DataSolid GmbH Germany, CADdy++ Mechanical Design (c)

CADdy++ Mechanical Design professional (c) is a fully parametric 3D CAD application with unbroken link between 3D models and 2D drawings. CADdy++ uses the Boost libraries: Boost.Any, Boost.Tokenizer, Boost.Signals, Boost.PropertyMap, Array, Boost.Bind, Boost.Operators, Boost.Tuple, Boost.Random.

"Many thanks to all the boost developers for their great work and effort spending into boost."

Dimension 5, Miner3D

Data visualization technology enabling advanced data analysis, visualization, sonification and speech applications for business and science.

The Miner3D application provides means for interactive visual analysis of arbitrary tabular data from various data sources. It has a powerful OpenGL-based visualization engine and an intuitive GUI. This combination helps a human eye guide the application of statistical tools and spot the patterns that might otherwise remain hidden.

"We are using the following boost libraries: Boost.DateTime, Boost.Variant, Boost.Regex, Boost.Format, Boost.StringAlgorithms, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.MPL, Boost.TypeTraits, Boost.Operators, Boost.DynamicBitset, Boost.EnableIf, Boost.Timer."

Synergy, mailIntercept

mailIntercept from Synergy is a mail interceptor service for Exchange Server 2000/2003.

mailIntercept intercepts and interprets the e-mails from a LAN using Exchange Server and converts the microsoft proprietary format to MIME and passes them to an SMTP filter and returns the emails to the Exchange Server as modified by the SMTP filter, converted back to the microsoft proprietary format and with its features preserved.

mailIntercept was built using the following Boost libraries: Boost.MPL, Boost.StringAlgorithms, Boost.Bind, Boost.Phoenix, Boost.Spirit, Boost.PointerContainer, Boost.Serialization, Boost.Regex, Boost.Iterator, Boost.Lambda, Boost.LexicalCast, Boost.Operators, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.Tribool and Boost.TypeTraits

Integrated Research P/L, PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Manager and IP Telephony Express

PROGNOSIS is a suite of IP telephony management software products, specifically designed to address the key challenges of IP telephony life cycle management, including network-readiness, assessment, pre-deployment assurance testing, and ongoing Day-2 management of Cisco CallManager, Cisco Unity, and Cisco AVVID infrastructure. "The Boost libraries used were: Boost.Any, Boost.Bind, Boost.Function, Boost.LexicalCast, Boost.MPL, Boost.NumericCast, Boost.Ref, Boost.Regex, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.Thread, Boost.TypeTraits."

Kinook Software, Visual Build Professional

Visual Build Professional is a tool that enables developers, software process engineers, and build specialists to create an automated, repeatable process for building their software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and 2005, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, SourceSafe, eMbedded Tools, Borland Delphi, JBuilder, C++Builder, and more.

The following Boost Libraries were used: Boost.Any, Boost.MemFn, Boost.Regex, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.StaticAssert

Kinook Software, Ultra Recall

Ultra Recall is a personal information management (PIM) / knowledge management (KM) application for Microsoft Windows. It helps you capture, organize, and recall all of your electronic information across all the applications that you use.

Used the following Boost libraries: Boost.Format, Boost.SharedPointer, Boost.StaticAssert

Applied Dynamics International, ADvantageDE

Applied Dynamics International (ADI) provides state-of-the art software and hardware tools to the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries to design and test embedded control systems. ADI's tools provide advanced capabilities in real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, rapid prototyping, and embedded controller software development. We have been a leading supplier of HIL simulation solutions since 1957.

ADvantageDE is the development environment. It allows simulation models to be easily connected to one another or to hardware components for real-time simulation. ADvantageDE projects can be created for execution on your PC, Unix workstation or on our real-time platforms.

ADvantageVI is the point of control and the graphical user interface for all of the run-time activities. The run-time architecture includes extensive features for interacting with, visualizing, and automating simulation and test activities.

DasCom provides access to real-time simulation data from most Windows applications, such as Micrsoft Excel, National Instruments Labview, etc.

The following Boost Libraries are used: Array, Boost.Assign, Boost.Bind, Boost.CRC, Boost.DynamicBitset, Boost.EnableIf, Boost.FileSystem, Boost.Function, Boost.Functional, Boost.Iterator, Boost.Lambda, Boost.Optional, Boost.Preprocessor, Boost.Ref, Boost.Regex, Boost.Serialization, Boost.Signals, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.StaticAssert, Boost.Spirit, Boost.StringAlgorithms, Boost.Tokenizer, Boost.Tuple, Boost.Utility and Boost.Variant


PeerGuardian 2 is Methlabs premier IP blocker for Windows. With features like support for multiple lists, a list editor, automatic updates, and blocking all of IPv4 (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc), PeerGuardian 2 is the safest and easiest way to protect your privacy on P2P.

Boost Libraries used include Boost.CRC, Boost.Bind, Boost.Integer, Boost.Function, Boost.Functional, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.LexicalCast, Boost.StringAlgorithms, Boost.Random, Boost.Format, Boost.Utility.


DECOMSYS::DESIGNER PRO enables the user to design a highly complex FlexRay communication system, which is going to be the fundament for tomorrow's automotive electronics.

"Boost Libraries used: Boost.Bind, Boost.DynamicBitset, Boost.Format, Boost.Function, Boost.Iterator, Boost.MPL, Boost.MultiIndex, Boost.Utility, Boost.Operators, Boost.Preprocessor (nice for generating data for unit tests), Boost.ProgramOptions (for the unit test programs), Boost.Ref, Boost.Regex, Boost.Serialization, Boost.Signals, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.Spirit, Boost.Timer and Boost.Variant

"We are also planning to use Andreas Huber's FSM library and Iostreams (together with Serialize) once they are officially released."

Wise Riddles Software, Audiomatic

Audiomatic is a tool used to make system-wide macros and then launch those macros with a voice command or keyboard shortcut at any time... from any Windows application. Audiomatic enables you to launch programs, files, or websites; simulate keystrokes; play sounds; speak text; or even run scripts. You can do it all with a voice command or keyboard shortcut! "Boost libraries Used: Boost.Bind, Boost.Function, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.DateTime, Boost.StringAlgorithms, Boost.Utility, Boost.Regex, Boost.Thread, Boost.MPL and Boost.TypeTraits."

SMProcess FxEngine

The FxEngine from SMProcess is a Free Framework for data flow processing and the design of dynamic systems using plugins. The Framework provides a full control to the plugin architecture for applications that require custom solutions.

The Framework is essentially based on three boost libraries: Boost.Thread: Used to implement each "Pin" work. Boost.Thread includes everything what we were looking for a portable framework like mutex and condition components. Boost.Functional and Boost.Bind: Provide a great flexibility compared to the STL. Boost.Timer: A very straightforward and effective timer.


Remobo from AWIT Systems, Inc creates an Instant Private Network (IPN) between your computers and your friends. It's a COMPUTER Network based on your Social Network. With IPN service, you and your friends can work or play together over Internet as if you were sitting on the same office or home LAN (Local Area Network).

The Boost libraries used were: Asio, Bind, DateTime, Non-Copyable, File System, Function, Lexical Cast, Ref, Regex, Serialization, Smart Pointer, StateChart, Threads, Tokenizer, Tribool, Tuples, Utility, Variant, Format, MPL, Multi Index, Preprocessor, Type Traits

Megahard Software Technologies Inc., Rule in Hell

Rule in Hell is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (still in beta).

The Boost libraries used were: Boost.Bind, Boost.Function, Boost.Any, Boost.Tuple, Boost.Ref, Boost.SharedPointer, Boost.TypeTraits and Boost.Utility.

"By far the combination of Boost.Bind, Boost.Function, Boost.SharedPointer and Boost.Ref is what we use most heavily".

Dr. Detlef Meyer-Eltz, TextTransformer

The TextTransformer is a Windows IDE for the generation of top down parsers with included c++ interpreter code for semantic actions. Both can be executed or debugged immediately on single source files or on groups of files. Generated parsers can be exported as c++ code including as well the interpretable code as any arbitrary other code. Tokens are defined as POSIX regular expressions and rules are defined in a similar syntax quasi as regular expressions of regular expressions. The construction of parse trees and their traversal is supported.

"The TextTransformer is essentially based on the Boost.Regex, by which the tokens for a parser can be defined. The Boost.LexicalCast and the Format library are used for the integrated c++ interpreter. For the future also an interpreter version of the Boost.StringAlgorithms is planned. The Boost.ProgramOptions library will be used too to improve the command line version of the texttransformer."

Redshift Software, The Thot Tool

The Thot Tool is an asset management tool for a group of game developers. Thot combines assets, both binary and text, with workflow automation into a unified whole, and was built using Boost Boost.Thread, Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.Regex, Boost.MPL, and Boost.TypeTraits.

Paragent, Paragent Manage 2.1

Paragent Manage is a Desktop Management Application that uses a lightweight agent written in C++. Unlike traditional desktop management solutions, Paragent Manage avoids the complexity and cost of servers by using peer-to-peer communication between agents and the administrative console. This allows real-time inventory searching, alerting and software auditing in an easy-to-deploy and maintain package.

"We have used Boost extensively throughout our agent, including: Boost.Thread, Boost.SharedPointer, Boost.Bind, Boost.Spirit, Boost.DateTime, Boost.StringAlgorithms, Boost.MultiIndex, Boost.FileSystem.

"Apart from some read_write_mutex issues we had, Boost has been a seamless part of our development, and has allowed us to develop and deploy a very complex, highly threaded networking agent with a built-in lisp-like xml-based scripting language all done in C++. Our entire development team would like to thank everyone for their hard work on behalf of C++ coders everywhere."

think-cell, Boost PowerPoint efficiency

think-cell was founded in 2002 in Berlin and is today the leading vendor of productivity software for professional PowerPoint users. Its product suite covers the complete process of presentation creation - from analysis and preparation of business data to the graphical rendering of qualitative and quantitative results. Most international business consulting firms, as well as a large number of the well-known industrial global leaders, are among think-cell's customers.

Our presentation suite think-cell serves a single purpose – creating business presentations. It is a complete set of cutting-edge productivity tools, each unrivaled in its scope of application.

think-cell chart is our leading PowerPoint add-in for creating professional business charts, such as complex Waterfalls, Mekkos and Gantts, in a few minutes.

think-cell round is our one-of-a-kind Excel add-in for consistently rounding numbers, even across complex calculations.

think-cell layout is our patented PowerPoint add-in for rapidly composing clean slide layouts from standard elements.

Libraries used: Algorithm, Assign, Config, Conversion, CRC, Date Time, Format, Fusion, Geometry, Integer, Interprocess, Intrusive, Iostreams, Iterator, Math Common Factor, Math/Special Functions, MPL, Multi-Array, Multi-Index, Numeric Conversion, Operators, Optional, Phoenix, Preprocessor, Proto, Range, Smart Ptr, Spirit, String Algo, Swap, Tribool, Tuple, Variant

LW-WORKS Software, Clipboard Recorder

Clipboard Recorder is an application that helps users to manage their clipboard history and provides easy ways for users to access their saved clipboard data.

Libraries used: Boost.SmartPointers, Boost.Serialization, Boost.Asio, Boost.StringAlgorithms, Boost.Bind, Boost.Thread, Boost.Conversion, Iostreams.